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6 September
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Computer geek!
Owns a lot of CDs.
Used to be known as Decker in the demoscene.
Currently in the STK Scientific corporation in the Ascendant Frontier alliance in EVE Online.
Also plays Danalog, a Magus on the Vortex server on Warhammer Online.
Former Level 70 Tauren Shaman, Member of Zug Zug, a Horde guild on Garona, in World of Warcraft
Former EverQuest Fanatic, level 70 magician on Vazaelle (formerly Bristlebane) in Caer Cadarn.
Like to listen to and write music, mostly techno-type stuff, but other types too.
Semi-frequent contributer to the CrapArt Album-A-Day project.
Has minor in German, took level 1 of Japanese.
Finished college winter 2002.
Currently works for IMDb.
Recently Worked for Allakhazam's Magical Realm.