I'll miss you, Granddad

Woodrow Wilson Abshire, died yesterday.  I miss him a lot, he was a great guy.  Picture below the cut, of the next to last time I visited him.  When I showed the picture to him, he said "Who is that gnome standing next to you?"

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Thanks to the miracle of Ethernet over AC, all of the computers in my apartment are actually up, functional, and no longer randomly dropping off the net or crashing any of my routers!


Sleep, Interrupted

So, two nights ago, my insomnia was really bad and I slept awfully. Last night, I got to sleep at a decent time, so I assumed all would be well. But, alas, that was not to be.

First, I got woken up at 5:30 AM by a robocall with a 302 area code, wanting to know what meat I wanted at the barbeque. Press1 for mystery meat hamburgers, it said. I hung up before I learned what 2 was.

Then, after taking a while to get back to sleep, I got woken up again at around 6:30 by a pocketdial from a 301 number I didn't recognize. More awake time ensued.

Of course, after that, all of my dreams were about being woken up by phone calls. I woke up 2 minutes before my first alarm after dreaming that Ryan Seacrest had called to wake me up, and I was going to kill that obnoxious SOB.

Then, before my second (extra sleep) alarm went off, I dreamed there was a sev1 emergency at work and I had to get on a huge conference call.

At least this morning I'm just tired and not totally exhausted, though.


Yay Stuff!

I had a great birthday weekend going to Victoria, BC. Pics are still in my camera, though, for two very important reasons:

1- Disgaea 3
2- Spore

Oh, Spore. With your nasty DRM and your flaky DVD that showed up blank in my system.

Too many game addictions, too little time.

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PAX, Part 2

Day 2 of PAX was a lot of fun, hung out with Matt, a former coworker from Allakhazam. The day mainly just consisted of hanging around and chatting with people, and going to see a showing of Nerdcore Rising. That, and getting tickets to the CCP party.
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Sunday was pretty low key. Somebody with nice contact lenses, a really cool case mod, and roaming monsters are all I have for you.
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