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PAX Aug. 29th, 2008 @ 07:00 pm
PAX is awesome so far!  After waiting around in a crazyass line to get in for an hour, I hung out in the expo hall, chatted with the CCP people, played some of the demo of Warhammer Online, and saw somebody dressed in a pretty good white mage costume.

Then, I went to the musical guests panel.  At first, poor MC Frontalot was there all by himself, but eventually a whole shitton of other people showed up.  It was a pretty interesting, informative, and fun panel overall, but the real winner was that at the end, they all sang We Are The World together.

Plus, I got dizzyb4  a prinny hat.


Klaatu Barada... Woah Jul. 23rd, 2008 @ 04:11 pm
Wait, what?
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Operation: GOYAAWYLB Jul. 9th, 2008 @ 09:15 pm
OK, so time to write this entry over again since it ate the first one.

Operation: Get Off Your Ass And Walk, You Lazy Bum has been a partial success so far!
You probably don't care about the detailsCollapse )
Also, now with Bonus Spam!Collapse )
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Cost Analysis (v2: updated Jul 14) Jul. 6th, 2008 @ 12:10 pm
So, people have said the cost of living is higher here. That kept bothering me, as it felt like I wasn't really paying much more money in the end.
So, for my own benefit, I did what my dad probably would have told me to do: a cost analysis!
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Good Things Jun. 22nd, 2008 @ 08:45 pm
Getting over my head cold, finally = Good
Seeing Avenue Q = Good
New job starting soon at IMDb (in the Pro site division) = Good (hopefully)
Being in Seattle = Good

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Other entries
» Cat H8
So, now we can add another person to the list of people that our cat inexplicibly hates and wants to kill:

  1. Roy

  2. Alex (or maybe just his shoes)

  3. Josh's Socks

  4. The new Vet we took him to today

Our cat wouldn't even let this vet near him, he turned into a Whirling Cloud of Death anytime he got close. The vet said our cat was the Jeffrey Dahmer of cats! Meanie!

Time to try a second new vet!
» We are here!

We are moved in!  Sort of!  Well, we have the cat, us, and some basic furniture, so that's good enough for now!

» Last Call for Party and Giveaways
First off, the party is on Saturday, May 24th, at 7pm! We have lots of hard alcohol, a couple beers, and not much else! We expect everything to go go go! Alcohol-wise that is.

Second, we have the junk/donation people coming on Thursday afternoon, so if anyone wants any of these items, this is the last call!
Armoire - picture
Dresser - picture
TV Stand - picture - TV is already claimed, we're keeping all the stuff in it
Bathroom Shelf Things - picture - Both the big and the little one, together or seperately
Computer Desk - picture 1 - picture 2 - pardon the mess, and I owe Juli a squishy apparently
Vacuum Cleaner - Only semi-working!
Lizard Cage - Comes with a night and day lamps, sunning rock, little pool thing
Two Computer Monitors - 19" and 17". Third one claimed by Michael
» More furniture to get rid of.
Our new bedroom, while it will fit our bed better, isn't going to fit our other 2 pieces of furniture in the bed set, so we have to give them away!

I took pictures of them to give people some idea. Pretend they're not covered with stuff, from us clearing them out!

First up, the Armoire. Two shelves on the bottom, big area in the middle with an inset shelf on top. We've been storing blankets in it.
Next, the Dresser. Two sets of three drawers + a mirror on top.

If you want either, you'll need to transport it.. and probably help me get it out of the bedroom!
» Graduation / Moving / Please Take Our Crap Party
On May 24th, at 7pm, we're having a Graduation / Moving / Please Take Our Crap Party! Sarah's graudating from college, we're moving on the 27th, and we'll need to get rid of our remaining stuff and booze!

Come on down!

RSVP here, or email me!
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